Our Mission

1TL means "#1 translator". We want to be the best translation service company in the market.

We are thriving to the make the world a better place, help people of different countries understand each other better, help businesses quickly open new regional markets getting more customers.

We want to make localization and translation jobs easy for you. It should be fun!

We want to save your money too. We use a special system where we translate your website's texts manually directly inside your code saving time on taking out texts and putting them back, thus cutting costs tremendously and keeping higher quality keeping your code intact.

We understand your security concerns. We can sign NDA with you before the project starts to make sure you are comfortable with our team.

We believe in long-term relationships with our customers and translators. That's why we love challenges in translation jobs and we learn fast. We also teach our translators to work with new file types, file management programs, encoding types and so on.

We believe in good customer experience. Our turnkey platform keeps you updated on translation job's progress on every step of the project. We also give bonuses to our long-term clients.

We work hard to provide your business with good relevant translations to open niche markets for you.

Our main goals are:

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