About us

How we work

How it all began

1TL was launched in March 2012 by Ticonderoga Ventures, a team of developers in New York City. But the actual team of developers and translators was gathered long before that in 2011 when we were using our unique translation technique to localize our own web projects and projects of our friends like HVC.com, mosocial.com, idate2012.comand many more.

It was working very well for us when in January 2012 some clients of ours asked for translation service and we provided it for them using our native translators and project managers. They were extremely happy. That's when we thought that it's time to share our knowledge and experience with others, help other people localize their projects & translate their marketing tools into various word languages.

In March 2012 the www.1tl.com site was launched. 1TL meant "one translator" or "#1 translators" for us. And we live to this idea today. We want to be the best. Now we have 2 project managers, 13 native translators, 1 developer in our team and dozens of happy customers. We are always opened to new ideas and suggestions.

If you want to contact us, use our contact page and we'll be happy to chat with you!

Questions? Call us right now: +1 (212) 722 1744 x 85