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Thank you for the excellent job. We are glad to collaborate with your agency.

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Our Mission

We work hard to provide your business with good relevant translations to open niche markets for you. Our main goals are
- high-quality turnkey translation services,
- individual approach to the customer’s needs,
- on-time order delivery,
- "any type"/ "as is" /code files translations,
- pricing per project (not per symbol).

Your Benefits

Flexible Express service
-Fast translation
- Low cost
- Well experienced native translators(REAL people)
- Translation in code and translation of web projects
- Quick order placing
- High-Quality Guaranteed
-Amazing Customer Service
- Instant Quote and Time Calculator

Professional Services

We offer professional translation, interpreting and proofreading services to clients worldwide.
Only professional translators - REAL people, who translate into their native language work for 1TL, and they have specialized experience in particular topics, technical areas and code structure.
Our specialists can translate your project directly from your website, in a right format and with technical know-how.

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